Photo Montage

Photo Montage

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Change in social status

Some of you may know, but I will be a married man in approximately 2 days.  This may be surprising to some, obvious to others, or irrelevant to the apathetic.  I am looking forward to it nonetheless.  The apartment is all set up and stuff, so theres not much to worry about after getting back to Toccoa, and I would like to just take this moment to thank anyone who has given or will give their time helping Jordyn during the process of our wedding.  A shout-out to all my groomsmen.  You guys rock.

Also, Jordyn bought me a new macbook pro.  It came yesterday.  13 inch, small enough to carry around, decent processor, 4 gigs o ram.  I am currently looking into the options for playing my music.  Part of my music library is in wma format due to windows media player.  Thanks microsoft, but nobody likes your proprietary audio format.  You too Apple.  Free the music, man. . .

So, not only am I now an official mac owner, I will in 51 hours join the ranks of the married.  Today is a good day.

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